Working Group New Project Request

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Process for submitting a new Project Request

The following process will be used to submit a new project request:

  • The Project Request Form is submitted to the Steering Committee Process Subteam
  • New Project Request Form
  • Process Subteam reviews to ensure request is complete and is clear enough for SC review
  • If not complete, request is returned to Requestor with comments
  • If complete, Process Subteam forwards request to SC for their review; schedule review for SC meeting
  • Steering Committee reviews the proposal to ensure it aligns with the overall goals of the CSS Collaboration and consensus that it meets a need
  • Steering Committee determines which Working Group the project should belong to and requests feedback on project request from Working Group Lead
  • Steering Committee approves project or sends back to person who initiated request with reasons for non-approval
  • Steering Committee sends approval to Working Group Lead
  • WG Leadership Team works with Project Co-Leads to Initiate Project

Process Flow