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Add your questions here. Hopefully as we find answers we can add them here too.

  1. How do I create a template?
    Creating Templates: I found a guide how to create templates and recall them I think what we want is the subst:template functionality.
  2. How do I upload an image?
    1.Upload the file by using the toolbox
    2.Go to the page where you want to include the image and name it Example.jpg
    3.Push the Embedded file button or type [[File:Example.jpg]] the page
  3. How do we control who can upload images?
  4. Security/Moderation, how do we do this?
  5. How do we organize content?
  6. Do we need spam blockers?
  7. How do we implement one?
  8. Do we want to add groups and subgroups as in the current PhUSE Wiki?
  9. How do we transfer the content from the current Wiki to the new Wiki?
  10. Which templates do we need?
    1. EU conference paper (Template:Paper Template)
    2. EU conference discussion club?
    3. US conference work groups? We should follow the templates from hl7
  11. Navigation - lock down pages before. Prevent orphans.
  12. How to recommend to name pages? When typos etc.
  13. People should be signed in to post to the wiki. Currently anyone, not even just logged in users, can edit pages.
  14. How can we easily create new pages?
    1. We should install the extension InputBox ( This allows to put a box on the MainPage to create a new article.
  15. How do you add a page to the watchlist? (added by Adie...hopefully anyway!). and in adding that question I found I'll amend my does someone without edit access watch a page...or does everyone have edit access?

To Do:

  1. Turn signatures on by default.
  2. Left hand navigation should be updated. Major headers to link in. Mark to investigate. - Done!
 Sidebar content can by seen if you follow MediaWiki:Sidebar but page is protected- Thanks Dan!  
  1. Homepage should be updated - Done!
  2. Use FlaggedRevs - Dan to install. Installed!
  1. Improve SAS code display. Java Script? VSI Thinking might have some code to share.
  2. How to create a table (rows and columns) in mediawiki - Sascha to test
  1. Clean up and put together wiki for launch
  2. Set up standard side bar - now we know how to edit this

December 15, 2011

  • What is the explicit thing that this wiki is trying to do?
  • What should we put on the sidebar?
    • Getting Started Section
    • Philosophy of what we are trying to do - What is this place?
    • Conference and Sections
  • Add Link to Categories
  • Link to PhUSE activities
    • FDA Working Groups (need a main page for the working groups)
    • PhUSE Conferences
  • Possibility of Write Protected code?
    • Contrary to wiki philosophy. Can protect pages.
    • Possibly something that we can add later when we have more administrators.
  • Give Authors guidance on how to create categories
    • Admins should manage categories?
  • Training for section chairs after March
  • PDF Capability
  • Namespaces? What is it?


  • Sascha to draft use case for section chairs, responsibilities
  • Dan - Write what explicitly the wiki will do. Put on sidebar. Done! Phusewiki 11:11, 16 December 2011 (CST)
  • Sascha to think about categories for Budapest conference
  • All Look at category definitions Category Hierarchy Draft
  • Sascha add Search to Homepage Done! Phusewiki 11:11, 16 December 2011 (CST)
  • Dan Add word pharma, healthcare Done! Phusewiki 11:11, 16 December 2011 (CST)
  • All look at UseCases
  • Dan - Make Mark Administrator Done! Phusewiki 11:11, 16 December 2011 (CST)

Jan 5, 2012

  • Examples would help - what do we want people to contribute. All to think about categories to start off with. What sort of things can anyone contribute?
  • Need editorial heads to drive content forward.
  • Washington Conference
  • 6 months we should rethink monitoring
  • DB Create the working group pages based on Non-Clinical page
  • Mark to write a detailed, with screenshots, explanation of how to add pages.
  • Nancy, Richard to add instructions to non-clinical page. Non-Clinical Road-map and Impacts on Implementation
  • We should develop 1 hour training session.
    • Look into this later (Feb)
  • Mark - Look into Legal pages.
  • How to rename a page
    • Move it
  • How to highlight?
    • You can't. Bold or italic. No bolding or italicizing in syntax.

Jan 23

  • Review Instructions
  • Go Live process