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This Wiki is a for any questions, suggestions for improvement or other feedback you may have regarding the wiki.

Add your suggestions, comments and questions here. As we find answers, we will respond here or add to the FAQ wiki as appropriate.


It would be nice to filter "Recent Changes" for new pages.
WikiAdmin: For easier access we added a"New Pages" to the Sidebar.

Can the "Categories" overview page be displayed the same way as a selected category page? So all links on one page and probably grouped by alphabet? Not all categories are displayed, as only 25 or 50 etc. are shown (setting dependent).

Could we please also support file types .sas to upload?

With your permission....

I have a rather huge amount of experience in editing Wikipedia, doing content category development, creating functional templates, and generally improving wiki navigation and functionality. I don't want to do anything which interferes with the plans of the Wiki Admin Working Group, but I also would be doing any improvement work 'off the clock' when time permits. Please let me know via my talk page whether you would be interested in having input from a 'veteran' Wikipedia administrator. Regards --Ceyockey (talk) 19:23, 30 January 2014 (CST)

Wiki Design

  • Hi, orange colour looks nice and vivid, but it is a bit hard to read. Especially if there is a long TOC or many sections on a page.
  • Can you please update logo picture to have a transparent background. For example this one.

Wiki update

Hi, are there any plans to update the MediaWiki engine. The current version is 1.26 which has many improvements. And is there a way to request an extension to be installed on the PhuseWiki?