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The PhUSE Wiki is medium to share information in an easy way. The PhUSE Wiki serves different purposes. The Main Goals of the PhUSE Wiki are:

  • Support FDA CSC Working Groups
  • Support PhUSE annual conference
  • Share statistical and informatics software code
  • Share information related to programming and processes

Setup an account

  1. Click "Log in/create account" in the upper right hand corner of the browser. This action will open to the Log In page.
  2. If you do not have an account, click "Create an account". This action will open the Create Account form.
  3. Complete the Create Account form.
    1. Enter the CAPTCHA.
    2. Enter a meaningful user name. For example, your first and last name (e.g. JohnDoe).
    3. Enter a password
    4. Re-enter the same password
    5. Enter your e-mail address
    6. Enter your name
    7. Click "Create account"
  4. After clicking "Create account", you account will be created, but you will need confirm your account. You should receive a e-mail from the PhUSE Wiki Administrators within 24 to 48 hours that contains the confirmation code. If you do not, please send an e-mail to and request the confirmation e-mail be re-sent.
  5. Please review the Help and and FAQ pages for additional information on posting content and editing pages

Getting Access

Structure and Pages

General Wiki Features

Creating and editing a Wiki

File Upload