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Attendees: Sarah, Debra, Lynda, Anisa, Lou Ann, Gitte, and Bob

Action Item Wrap-up
ACT has approved distribution of the Survey but is still in-process (in active discussions with Robin Guy).
On SEND Wikipedia site, the group agreed that the best approach would be to add some primer text (possibly from the PhUSE Core Team DIA publication) along with links to the PhUSE WG6 content.

Path forward on Wikipedia content – as stated above, the group proposes to enter text onto the SEND Wikipedia site which includes primer text about PhUSE and a hyperlink to the PhUSE WG6 site.

Update on Surveys received thus far.
-Several aspects of the survey and Roadmap were discussed.

First, the group considered that we’ve received 11 surveys thus far. Because this is not a critical mass of feedback, the group will look at the current results and create a preliminary Roadmap that will be open for comment. This allows the group to create the Roadmap while giving others an opportunity to comment in the future. The group will post the Roadmap on the PhUSE Wiki and wishes to have a discussion thread below the Roadmap for public comment.

Second, the group will re-release the survey in early January to ACT, Gitte’s list from a recent meeting, and individual contacts that the group may have within industry. The release would be in early January with a deadline of January 25th, 2013. -So that people who’ve already responded aren’t confused by our second release, we will include text similar to the following:

- “Last chance! We are in the process of consolidating the responses from our 2012 survey on the Standardization Roadmap. If you would like to add your voice to this important topic, please fill out the survey and return by xxx.”

A.I. Bob will circulate an Excel spreadsheet to the group which contains the current survey results. He will also contact PhuSE administrators about the possibility of having Roadmap posted on the Wiki with an open comment area for public input.

A.I. Bob will update the dates on the survey (to be released in January) for the second release of the survey. The deadline will be adjusted to January 25th, 2013

Discussion: What is the last piece on the e-Paper?
We have intro, SEND resource information, survey results, and presumably thoughts that are fitting for a roadmap. Do we (for discussion):

-Provide a unifying perspective on the survey results (which studies, in what order, and why?)

- Identify challenges that need to be overcome?

- Issues once standards are done (i.e. Sender vs. receiver)

- Think of challenges that may lie ahead for standardizing nonclinical studies (i.e. what conventions exist in current standards that may not apply to future studies?)

- Think about “transformation” of standards?

Discussion: The group considered that we may need to invite experts for input on other standards. One goal of the paper could be to educate people about standards. Some of this final section could pose thoughts about challenges of standards. Actual resolutions to the challenges may be work for after the initial e-paper or the topic for another group’s work.

- The group will continue this discussion about the content in the final piece of the e-paper.

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