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PhUSE WG6 Standards Roadmap Tcon 13
October, 23 2012
Attendees: Anisa, Bob, Debra, Lynda

Action Items Round Up - Final version of pdf form (v 10) sent to group. Form is posted on Wiki.


Prioritization PDF Form – Launch today
a. Quick run through for the team to look at the current link to Survey.
b. The Prioritization Survey.pdf, intro text, links and Wiki posting are tested and read to go.

c. Bob will send emails to Lou Anne and Tim for survey dissemination. We should all try to get the survey out.

A.I. Based on discussion, the juvenile (offspring) field in the Prioritization Form V10 must be updated to red text (“under development”) rather than its current blue font. Bob will contact Tim and Lou Ann for dissemination of the Prioritization Survey. Post-meeting note: Bob contacted both Tim and Lou Ann for launching the survey on Wed, Oct. 24, 2012.

Members are encouraged to disseminate the form as widely as possible.

Paper –now our sole focus
a. Concept of study types prioritized with threads to flow across study types, enabling meta. What is our experience with this, and other data management principles? Does it stop at nonclinical study types, or can we think of themes that build towards clinical? General call for SMEs that may help with vision/examples which we can adapt for the ePaper? (some may be in our group)

Discussion on the items above for the e-paper was limited. All members should be thinking of the data challenges of their current work as potential source content for the e-Paper. Members are encouraged to maintain a list over the next two weeks for compilation/discussion at the next Tcon (11/6/12).

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