WG6 Tcon11 Meeting minutes 08292012

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Roadmap Tcon 11. September 25, 2012

Attendees: Rick, Debra, Sarah, Gitte, Bob, Anisa

Form distribution
The group discussed ways to distribute the Prioritization Form.

Currently, the group see Linked In groups and Working Group 6 members as forums for distribution.

-Members of the Roadmap group suggested that each LinkedIn group may be run a bit differently. The conclusion is that we will rely upon Lou Ann to distribute the form through her groups to groups that are receptive audiences.

- Tim and Lilliam will be contacted regarding distribution throughout Working Group 6

-Gitte will distribute to her Tox network.

A.I. Bob will contact Tim and Lilliam to indicate that the form is coming, and to see if they have any suggestions on our current plan for dissemination to WG6. Will discuss whether the form (mentioned below) will be on WG6 Wiki or on the Roadmap Wiki?

The group now envisions a 4-5 sentence blurb to get people’s attention, along with a link that will lead to the form. The form will consist of the Intro Text and Prioritization form in single document.

A.I. Gitte volunteered to draft the 4 to 5 sentence blurb

A.I. Bob will place the intro text into the Prioritization Form and distribute to group.


The Roadmap Wiki Discussion Tab will be populated with a new banner where we will collect content for the e-paper.

- A.I. Bob will set up the banner, and populate it with “Questions to Consider.” All members will populate with the initial content.

Initial content for e-Paper includes :

1) The “Questions to consider”, drafted by Debra. Members will use these questions as guides for providing information about Standards efforts.

2) Keywords section that will prompt ideas about more content.

3) Considerations to implement standards (partially provided by Gitte)

4) A series of links to orient stakeholders about Standards, and relevant resources.

5) The group’s concept of the Roadmap for Nonclinical Data, and results of the Prioritization Survey.
To view and add content to e-Paper, click on the link below: