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28 March 2013

Attendees: Rick, Anisa, Lynda, Bob, Debra, Sara?

Regrets: Gitte, Donna, LouAnn

One new member: Donna from Instem

Will rotate minute taking. Create a schedule (See list below)

PhUSE take away: Work on small defined projects. Perhaps use a “divide and conquer” technique… Small group work; report back to group at next meeting.

PhUSE take away: Impressed with energy for and investment in topics and projects and teams. There were good discussions surrounding the report outs, and in the end, most groups staying on similar topics although perhaps refocusing efforts to something smaller or more defined.

Nonclinical will have two new groups:

Shree: Access to clinical and nonclinical data for testing purposes across the spectrum. If data were already available, it might be able to test theories or pilot more readily.

Sue D.: Study Reviewer’s Guide. Human readable overview of datasets. Leverage clinical templates to nonclinical.

Evaluation suggestions for Roadmap team from attendees:

  • Finish white paper.
  • Roadmap is in good shape. Remaining tweaking can/should be handled by SEND development team.
  • May increase number of domains available and force more data to be standardized.

Shall we see if we can improve the process for developing a domain or study type…a process map/template for standardizing any given domain? Standards facilitation group? Do a feasibility study on one to see if it would work. Think it through in the white paper first, then try it.

Action: Bob update the WIKI with current thinking

Continue with current meeting schedule. Tues at 10E, 9C

1. White paper: Finish in 3 months? publish?

a. Identify gaps

b. State vision

c. Standards facilitation

2. Identify test space/test process

a. Open forum – 2 months

b. Test space -3 months

3. Pilot test run w/model (exercise)

a. Via Shree

b. 2 months

4. Report out on how it went (deliverable)

How to go about doing a model for making a domain? What is the framework to use? Some folks on framework; some on testing space. Let’s not focus on getting data…someone else is working on it.

First draft on anything helps everything.

Domain development/test environment

Action Bob: introduce survey and feedback and figures

Action Rick: Move already written pieces around to get intro

Goal is end of June

Next meeting is: 09 April