WG6 Endpoint Predictivity 7 June 2012 Meeting Minutes

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When: 11:00AM , 07Jun2012
Place: Webconference
Facilitator: Jeremy Wally
Scribe: Jeremy Wally
Attendance: Jeremy Wally, Martha Lee, Troy Smyrnios, Richard Khan-Malek, Tim Gartner, Dave Seyler, Paul Bradley (for Jane Reed)


  • Introduction of new members (Gartner, Bradley, Seyler, Khan-Malek)
  • Fill missing areas of expertise (Pathologists, Clinical Pathologists, Clinical Pharmacologists)
  • Plans to review more historical/current predictivity efforts
  • Begin brainstorming use cases / specific questions


Who's here?
Introductions by new members

General discussion

Still looking for pathologists/clinical pathologists to join the group
Group needs to evaluate appropriate data types and define focus of analyses
Group needs to consider how to obtain data for analysis

Follow up

Next telecon to be scheduled

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