WG6 Endpoint Predictivity 3 May 2012 Meeting Minutes

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When: 11:00AM , 03May2012
Place: Webconference
Attendance: Paul Cornwell, Jeremy Wally, Troy Smyrnios, Tim Kropp, Martha Lee
Agenda: Discuss Call for Participation and next steps


The team met for ~15 minutes to review the WG6 Call for Participation and also discussed the next steps, once the Call for Participation was sent out broadly

General discussion

  1. Team reviewed the draft Call for Participation and recommended no changes
    • The Call will be sent out to FDA/PhUSE CSS participants, a broader CDISC mailing list and the SEND mailing list
    • Call will go out soon (as early as 3 May 2012)
  2. Team discussed Next Steps
    • Team members should forward the Call for Participation to appropriate groups to which they belong
    • Team members should personally contact individual whom they think would be a good addition to the team
    • Team will meet again in two weeks to review the level of interest in the project and begin planning based on that level of interest

Follow up

  • Create a template response e-mail to be sent to individuals who volunteer to participate. It will acknowledge receipt of their interest and provide them information about the next meeting and next steps (Paul Cornwell)
  • Schedule meeting two weeks from today (Paul Cornwell)
  • Encourage other WG6 subgroups to model Participation information on our groups wiki (Tim Kropp)

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