WG6 Endpoint Predictivity 17 May 2012 Meeting Minutes

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When: 11:00AM ET , 17May2012
Place: Teleconference/Webconference
Scribe: Paul Cornwell
Attendance: Paul Cornwell, Jeremy Wally, Martha Lee, Richard Khan-Malek, Sue DeHaven, Tim Kropp, Bill Houser

  • How many responses to the Call for Participation have we received?
  • What do we do to get more participants?

General discussion

  • PhUSE has not sent out the Call for Participation widely - next mailing is in early June
  • Current team will meet again in 2 weeks (which is before the PhUSE call will go out) to plan activities in more details
  • Team will begin adding examples of "endpoint predictivity" from literature (and other sources) to the wiki
  • Team will begin adding experiences with available tools to the wiki

Follow up

  • Create wiki page to store literature examples - Paul Cornwell
  • Provide example of available tools and experience - Sue DeHaven

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