WG6 Endpoint Predictivity 12 April 2012 Meeting Minutes

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When: 11:00 (ET) , 12Apr2012
Place: Webconference
Facilitator: Paul Cornwell
Scribe: Paul Cornwell
Attendance: Paul Cornwell, Jeremy Wally, Shree Nath, Sue DeHaven, Troy Smyrnios, Bill Houser, Martha Lee

  1. Future meeting schedule
  2. Use of wiki
    1. Quick live demonstration by Paul
    2. Identify any "rules" or "guidelines"
  3. Call for participants
    1. Who?
    2. How many who's?
    3. How will we contact?

General discussion

  • Future meeting schedule: The team agreed meetings would continue to be every two weeks. The 11:00-12:00PM (ET) on Thursday time slot would work for everyone in attendence (Paul to check with Tim Kropp to see if he has a standing conflict)
  • Use of wiki: Paul gave a brief example of how to use and edit the wiki and other team members contributed other learning and suggestions:
    • Copy the template of another PhUSE page when creating a new page (Troy)
  • Call for participants:
    • The current wiki will serve as the background and other information needed for individuals to decide if they would like to participate
    • We set a range for the number of total participants (12-20), but will not determine the exact composition of expertise until we have an idea of how many volunteers are received
    • We updated the wiki with some information of the time commitment and expectations for participants (see Participation Needs section of wiki)
    • Our call for participation will be part of the larger WG6 call for participation. Once that goes out, current members of our team will forward the call to particular individuals whom they believe would be valuable members of the team.

Follow up

  1. Paul Cornwell to check with Tim Kropp to see if Tim has a standing conflict on Thursdays, 11:00-12:00PM (ET)

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