WG6 30Mar2012

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Project Co-Leads meeting

When: 30Mar2012

In attendance: Timothy Kropp; Lauren Mihalcik; Jeremy Wally; Paul Brown; Jyotsna Kasturi; Gitte Frausing; Paul Cornwell; Lilliam Rosario; Robert Dorsam

Co-leads meeting

  1. Quick debrief.- Tim offered thanks for support and participation.
  2. Overview of where we are:
    1. Projects and ‘charters’ have been created and co-leads identified (Leadership make up may switch after call for broader participation at team’s discretion)
    1. ‘Charter’/template uploaded to wiki.
      1. Coleads should flesh out content. This is an opportunity to capture aspects of the conversation during the meeting that were not included in the original template. This wiki content should generally be able to give enough information that allows running a team and recruiting others.
      2. Elements to consider: background, tasks with people assigned, clear deliverables with timelines, clear communications plans with T-cons, when, where, etc. How wiki will be used for projects.
      3. Updates to be completed by April 20.
      4. During the conversation, the team agreed that adm privileges to edit WIKI should be given to everyone until there is a problem or we get feedback from PhUSE on alternatives.
      5. Wikis now support conversation threads. Tim will follow up with info.
    2. Call for participation.
      1. Lauren brought up that multiple calls from participation from the different subgroups may be burdensome or confusing to the participants. During the next tcon, groups should discuss whether the call for participation should come altogether from the WK6 or each of the subgroups.
      2. If the call for participation goes out from the WG6, it will be necessary to include further information on how to participate from the main workgroup page.
      3. Bob suggested that we reach out to PhUSE for marketing help.
  1. Communication plan between co-leads and core team. Proposal to reconvene after April 20th and the establish regular check in times (maybe monthly?)

Action Items

  1. Coleads to complete updates to WIKI page by April 20th
  1. Tim to provide contact info for other workgroups to Jyotsna, provide information on conversation threads capabilities, update main WIKI, open edit permissions to WIKI (DONE), load spreadsheet of participants.
  1. Lilliam to set up meeting for after April 20th
  1. Co-leads to send Tim a list (with emails) of subgroup participants. Tim will then create Listbox

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