WG5 Subgroup3 TC June 7

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When: 08:30 EST , 07JUN2012


Who's here?
Michael Carniello
Sally Cassells
Scott Getzin
Steven Huang
Vineet Sharma
Mat Soukup
Hanming Tu
Joy Wang
Wayne Woo

Mike reported on the work he, Hanming and Ian have done investigating both Git Hub and Google Docs as potential platforms to support collaborative script development. The Git Hub user interface is essentially command line Unix and though a powerful, may pose a too steep learning curve for our purposes. Google Docs is more promising in this area. Mike demonstrated the Google Docs environment and fielded questions from the team about version handling, access control and other features.

General discussion

Google Docs has several advantages including:

  • Local drive capability for better performance while working
  • Lots of free storage
  • Easy to use access control mechanism
  • Folders available as an organizing tool
  • Good versioning support

The example Mike demonstrated showed a project that started with a R script for a Kaplan Meier plot from the ctspedia site and added a SAS program that also did a K-M plot.

There was a positive response from the team and so the next step will be to set up a new project on the same site and provide access to the call participants to 'test drive'. The K-M example will be available as a read-only project for the same team and we will also post the code from the example that was developed by Lilly (starting from Joy Li's script) prior to the March meeting.

Follow up

Mike will set up a folder for group access. Sally will post the files from the Lilly/FDA example.

Set up a TC with other WG5 sub teams to begin discussions about developing a validation process document, best development practices documentation and developing a list of ideas for scripts to be developed.

Schedule another TC in late June/early July.

Update on September 18: Mike C compiled a summary of initial work as a PowerPoint presentation and uploaded it. The permanent link is:


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