WG5 Subgroup3 F2F March 19-20

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When: 19-20 March 2012
Place: Silver Spring Convention Center, Silver Spring MD


Name Organization
Barry Cohen Octagon Research
Dirk Spruck Accovion
Hamming Tu Octagon Research
Ian Fleming d-Wise Technologies
Joy Wang Celgene
Katja Glass Bayer Pharma AG
Linda Collins PharmaStat LLC
Mat Soukup FDA
Michael Carniello Takeda Global Research & Development
Michelle Pupek Janssen Biotech
Sally Cassells Next Step Clinical Systems LLC
Sascha Ahrweiler UCB Biosciences GmbH
Steven Huang Sunovion
Vineet Sharma Shionogi Inc Pharma
Wayne Woo Novartis
Xiaowu Lu FDA

Requirements Brainstorming

  • Encourage contributions (developers)
  • Encourage use (consumers)
  • Encourage contribution
  • Documentation: environmental requirements
  • Configuration assumptions
  • Source code control: Wiki for meta data and source code control for scripts (GIT HUB)


  • Source codes/scripts
  • Validation script: Test plan matrix
  • Versioning/Maintenance
  • Search capability/categorization/tags (D)
  • Status of lags: development, validation, and debugged
  • Forum/discussion
  • Separate environment for dev vs. publishing
  • Metadata to enable search for developers
  • Change request/bug report
  • Support request/usage instruction
  • Version specific links
  • Rating system (Trip advisor)
  • Key functions for front-page:
  • Upload for contributors
  • Search for consumers: categories
  • Discussion
  • Help
  • Metrics Board: top usage, top scripts
  • Access control/version tracking for downloading/role-based
  • Clear requirement on contributor expectation
  • Encourage people to contribute with minimum information (language, version, OS), e.g., just scripts, just validation
  • Documented process for the subgroup 2
  • Non-proprietary interface
  • Easy of use/Usability: User-friendly – not too clunky
  • Limited write access to downloadable code
  • Limited access to upload (avoid hierarchy structure)
  • Contributors and consumers: different requirements
  • Development vs. production: release requirement
  • Moderation

Language Support
R, SAS, S+, PL/SQL, Perl, Python,
User interface needs
  • Upload,
  • Search
  • Discussion board
  • Help
  • Matrix/Stats: top usage, top scripts
  • Categories of scripts
  • Monitoring

Actions (To Do List)

  1. Explore (pilot):
Media Wiki for published scripts - in two parts – one for validated one for unvalidated scripts
GitHub for development environment. (Ian)
  1. Develop requirements.

Starting with the results from the brainstorming session:

Complete descriptions.
Organize and prioritize
  1. Resolve Licensing agreement question:
Complete open source/GPL
FDA/PhUSE proposal : MIT Open source (Mat to circulate link)
  1. Develop Statement of Purpose (Barry)

Win Gold Medal (PhUSE/FDA March 2013)

Create Media Wiki template for creating single script
  • Code
  • Documentation:
User Guide
  • Change requests
  • Discussion forum
  • Links to GitHUB environment for potential contributors
  • Expected results i.e.working example
  • Tags (to facilitate search)
  • Language/environment/version requirments, dependencies – such as other scripts, spreadsheets
  • Description
  • Title
  • Metrics: views, downloads, comments

Create Homepage Wiki template
  • Search
  • Categorization (modeled on SAS site)/Tags
Safety/Efficacy/Descriptive stats
  • Most popular
  • Highest rated
  • General description
  • Create New Script (How to get involved)
  • Links
  • Workflow

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