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Project Team

Project Lead
Jean-Marc Ferran and Eric Sun
Project Members
Dirk Van Krunckelsven, Magda Joana Silva, Eric Sun, Michael Carniello

Project Description

Project Name
Create templates for documenting scripts and coding practices
The goal is to create templates for documenting shared scripts including:
  1. Requirement specifications
  2. Design documents
  3. User guides
  4. Release notes, etc .

These templates support both development and validation processes.

In addition, the project will work closely with the GPP group to define coding practices for contributors to use when writing standard scripts to be shared. See GPP wiki page

Project Progress


We are working on creating templates for specification and user guide documentation. Initial draft documents ready for review are here:

File:User Guide template.docx
File:Requirements Specifications template.doc

The first draft of the good programming practices guidance will be out for review by end of May.


Project Meetings

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