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[[Category:Standard Script]]
[[Category:Standard Script]]

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Project Team

Project Lead
Kevin Kane, Sally Cassells
Project Members

Project Description

Project Name
Legal ownership and issues in open source repository
After the adoption of Google Code, it was agreed as a starting point to use the MIT open source licensing agreement in the FDA/PhUSE repository. On inspection of other open source repositories, a number have an additional agreement, whereby the initial author of a script agrees that the code being submitted is not subject to any other copyright or ownership (e.g. by the employer of the submitter). The key tasks for this project is to examine the various legal issues relating to open source repositories (including code ownership) and make recommendations as to what is required in the FDA/PhUSE system.

Project Progress


None yet



Project Meetings

Face-to-face session planned for FDA/PhUse Conference Day 2. Max Kanevsky from Open CDISC will discuss the licensing considerations faced when establishing Open CDISC.

We will also work on developing a list of specific licensing concerns that may stand in the way of contributions to the standard scripts repository.

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