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(Project Meetings)
(Project Meetings)
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== Project Meetings ==
== Project Meetings ==
May 2 2013 Notes are [[SS P03 02MAY2013]]
May 2 2013 Notes are here [[SS P03 02MAY2013]]
== Script Inventory ==
== Script Inventory ==

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Project Team

Project Lead
Hanming Tu, Mike C.
Project Members
  • Michael Carniello
  • Ian Fleming
  • Sam Tomioka
  • Edwin van Stein

Project Description

Project Name
Maintain and enhance platform (repository) for sharing scripts
This project will establish the basic structure and management of the repository – Google Code to be used for PhUSE standard scripts. Google Code provides a scalable, reliable, and fast collaborative development environment for us to share and develop standard scripts and documents for data transformations and analyses. The goals of this project are: 1) define the folder structure and name conventions; 2) define roles and responsibilities of each role; 3) define tasks and duties; 4) define the process of tracking issues; 5) define required metadata for each script and recommended programming style.

Project Progress

Why Google Code for FDA/PhUSE standard script repository?
  • We have documented the reasons in this Progress Report
  • Here are the main points:
    • Everyone agreed with the basics of the platform search: good usable GUI, version control, non proprietary
    • Everyone agreed that GitHub is too advanced and not appropriate for this collaborative effort
    • The Wiki will be used for publishing of "final" scripts. For the script development the Wiki was considered to have some disadvantages (e.g. no concurrent editing)
    • Google Docs is currently the preferred platform as a collaborative environment for script development. Several attendees reported bad experience with wrong updates of Google Docs though. A document management system was mentioned as a better platform.
    • Look into the development for R as a model for script development.
  • The following alternatives were considered and discussed:
  • Here's an informal report of guidance using GoogleCode.

Project Meetings

May 2 2013 Notes are here SS P03 02MAY2013

Script Inventory

Standard Script Inventory

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