WG5 Project 02 GitHub Exercises

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We could also use our GitHub project to document and share these exercises.

GitHub Roles

  1. GitHub browser, without account
  2. GitHub member, without phuse-scripts membership
  3. phuse-scripts team member
  4. phuse-scripts maintainer

GitHub Exercises

  1. GitHub browser submits a change
  2. GitHub member submits a change from their local repository, Maintainer reviews and takes 2 actions (Reject / Incorporate)
  3. Active team member contributes independent change
  4. 2 active team member contribute related changes


What team configuration do we want?

  • Open: Anyone that asks can be a team member and therefore change files in this repository
  • Restricted: Relatively few "maintainers" that must integrate any proposed changes, and can promote engaged contributors to team members.