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Project Team

Project Lead
Kevin Kane
Project Members

Project Description

Project Name
Look for existing scripts and store them in the repository
The aim of the FDA/PhUSE repository is to make available a set of scripts/tools/programs for data manipulation, reporting and analysis of medical data. There are currently many such tools already available on the internet, but they are disparate and may not be easy to locate. This project aims to bring as many of these together into our open source Google Code repository, making them more accessible to the community of statisticians and programmers across pharma, regulators and academia. Key tasks will be identifying, contacting and negotiating with the current owners of the scripts/tools/programs to bring them into the FDA/PhUSE repository.

Project Progress

There are two main tasks:

TASK 1. Contact authors of existing sets of scripts that are freely available in the internet and ask for them to upload their scripts to the repository. Here is a status of the progress with this task:

Mat Soukup (FDA) - has offered scripts to be uploaded, asked for help with uploading process due to time contraints.
Richard Anziano (Pfizer) - has offered scripts to be uploaded, asked for help with uploading process due to time contraints.
Robert Gordon (J&J) - has offered scripts to be uploaded, asked for help with uploading process due to time contraints (not some references to other authors code in these scripts).
Max Cherry (GSK) - awaiting response
Susan Duke (GSK) - awaiting response
Antonio Paredes (FDA) - awaiting response
Qi Jiang (Amgen)
Frank Harrell (Vanderbilt Uni) - needs further discussion - "to figure out how to cross-link various resources without duplicating code. We also need to look closer at Github and their code snipped repository capability."
awaiting response
awaiting response
  • Gersonides.com
discussions are progressing
  • Non-parametric confidence intervals SAS macro, Pinal Patel (PHASTAR) (from a PSI conference poster)
having difficulty with upload procedure
  • SAS Macro to produce mock tables, Yao Huang, PHARMASUG China poster
awaiting response
  1. Greg Grandits SAS macros at http://www.biostat.umn.edu/~greg-g/
has said that we can use the macros but they can't be donated - needs further discussion

TASK 2. Liaise with organisations who may have scripts that they could add to the script repository. The following is a list of possible "leads". This list does not mean that the organisation may have scripts to donate, or may be prepared to donate them, but just that there is a possibility and it is being investigated:

  1. Linda Collins (Pharmastat) mentioned in a PhUSE teleconf that she may have some scripts to share.
  2. SAS : Liaising with various people from SAS to determine if there is interest in donating scripts.
  3. National Cancer Institute : various SAS macros http://riskfactor.cancer.gov/diet/usualintakes/macros_single.html - NCI have declined.

Project Meetings

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