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Project Team

Project Lead
Rebeka Revis
Project Members

Project Description

Project Name
Look for existing scripts and store them in the repository
The aim of the FDA/PhUSE repository is to make available a set of scripts/tools/programs for data manipulation, reporting and analysis of medical data. There are currently many such tools already available on the internet, but they are disparate and may not be easy to locate. This project aims to bring as many of these together into our open source Code repository, making them more accessible to the community of statisticians and programmers across pharma, regulators and academia. Key tasks will be identifying, contacting and negotiating with the current owners of the scripts/tools/programs to bring them into the FDA/PhUSE repository.

Project Progress

There is currently one main task:

TASK 1. Review FDA contributed scripts and make them available in the Code Repository.

FDA have provided reports for Demographics, Adverse Events, Disposition, Labs, and MedDRA at a Glance

  • The contributed scripts are being updated to become more user-friendly and be contained in a single package.
  • The scripts will be reviewed by people in Project 01 to test on a variety of environments and in several companies.

Project Meetings

SS P01 14JUN2016 Meeting

SS P01 19JUL2016 Meeting

SS P01 17AUG2016 Meeting

SS P01 29SEP2016 Meeting

SS P01 17NOV2016 Meeting

SS P01 01DEC2016 Meeting

SS P01 01JAN2017 Meeting

SS P01 08FEB2017 Meeting

SS P01 20APR2017 Meeting

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