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Headers use YAML to declare script meta data and To Do lists. The following references provide YAML details:

Elements of the TO-DO list

  • task: brief statement of the task
  • desc: sufficient detail for a developer to commence
  • detail: guidance on implementation, to assist new developer

The following SAS header template for PhUSE/CSS scripts is based on

Template for SAS Script Headers


 Source : Central Tendencies
 Display: Figure 7.1 Box plot - Measurements by Analysis Timepoint, Visit and Planned Treatment
 Specs  : https://github.com/phuse-org/phuse-scripts/blob/master/whitepapers/specification/WPCT-F.07.01_specs.yml
   - task: Complete Specifications
     desc: |

Complete specifications and confirm with SME, as needed. Create specifications document in the PhUSE/CSS repository. Ensure specifications are correctly referenced from the PhUSE/CSS Standard Scripts Index.

   - task: Y-Axis range
     desc: |

Set uniform y-axis scale for all plot pages, as needed, based on MIN/MAX measured value for PARAMCD.

     detail: Create utility macro to isolate implementation, %utility_get_param_min_max()
   - task: Pop size vs. Observation count
     desc: |

Confirm the meaning of "N" in summary table below box plot: Population size? Sample size?

   - task: Outlier criteria
     desc: |

Distinguish in the box plot between IQR outliers (open circles) and Reference Limit outliers (filled red circles)

       - See discussion in section 7.1 of Central Tendency white paper
       - See Figure 6.1 Explanation of Box Plot, from SAS/STAT user guide
       - Symbol for IQR outliers
       - Apply RED color for values outside pre-defined reference limits
       - Include ANRLO and ANRHI in dependencies and program logic
   - task: Reference limit lines. 
     desc: |

Provide options for several scenarios, as described in Central Tendency white paper.

       - NONE, DEFAULT. No reference lines in box plot.
       - UNIFORM, Include reference limits if uniform for all measured values.
       - NARROW, Include narrowest reference limits only, if limits vary across measured values (e.g., MAX of the lower limits, and MIN the upper limits)
       - ALL, Include all reference limits despite multiple values for measured values, pairing lower/upper limits by color and line type.
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