WG5 P02 Agenda 2016-02-01

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Road to CSS 2016: Meeting 1

  • Mon, Feb. 01, 2016
  • 11:00am EST, 17:00 CET
  • 1 hour

Attendees: Dante, Peter, Frank, Jeno, Rebeka, Jared, Mercy, Terry


Progress reports

  • GitHub updates
  • Introduction / orientation to Project 2 in GitHub (READMEs and Wiki)
  • Structure for WPCT package
  • To-do lists in GitHub
  • Plans for CSS 2016 - Working Group 5 (Standard Analyses) and Project 2 (SAS and R Scripts)
  • GitHub workflow scripts
  • Working session, git-hub To-do lists


CSS 2016 Objectives

  • "Central Tendency" package: SAS & R script for ~8 white paper box plots
  • Establish a framework for developing and publishing Standard Analyses and their implementation

Ideas for Small Teams to prep for CSS 2016

  • Core of WG5 triangle: Specify, Implement, Host <-> Communication
  • PhUSE Communication Director, Sacha(?)
  • Contributors:
  • Organizing GitHub / Phusewiki project information: better organization for contributors, users
  • Phuse.eu - main portal for all PhUSE members
  • Should link people to details they want (as users, contributors, etc)
  • Should have phusewiki & github should link back to Phuse.eu, as well
  • Contributors:
  • Increasing participation, awareness
  • Surveys, targeted using past participation, membership (assess awareness, interest, collect feedback)
  • GitHub Exercises -- scripted, Use Cases for developers
  • Contributors: Peter/Jeno/Dante to continue