WG5 P02 Agenda 2015-11-10

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Sprint 8 catch-up

  • Tues, Nov 10th, 2015
  • 11:00am EST, 17:00 CET
  • 1 hour

Attendees: Peter, Dante, Dirk, Dan, Mercy


Progress reports

  • Input from participant, voluntary basis

[Possible] Script execution environment

  • Demo based on our github repository (an R script)

Progress & Obstacles (and new approaches?)

  • Obstacles volunteers are facing
  • time
  • coordination (Tues meetings not widely suitable).
  • distractions (other groups/efforts - busy observers)
  • access (blocked cloud resources? software not available?)
  • technical (alternative to Shewhart, SAS 9.4 differences)
  • Can we creatively remove any?
  • coordination: Monday or alternate? More frequent, task focused (write a test plan in an hour, test a script, create test data or test data requirements)?
  • meetings: online meeting with "rooms"?



  • point
  • subpoint