WG5 P02 Agenda 2015-09-09

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Sprint 6 catch-up

  • Wed Sep 09th, 2015
  • 11:00am EST, 17:00 CET
  • 1 hour

Attendees: ...


Progress reports

  • Output Specifications
  • proposal: docx format, draft available in github for CTWP Fig 7.1
  • Create an "annotated white paper" that we can use to finalize specs, development scripts, and to support qualification and review
  • ADaM expertise to justify (provide references) for differences we have in test data (see Fig 7.1 specs)

  • R and SAS code objectives - basic ground rules:
  • what scenarios should we focus on for qualification / publication?
  • e.g., One R & One SAS script for each white paper target?
  • SDTM or ADaM test data -- e.g., substitute for analysis flags when analysing SDTM data?
  • What about variations of scripts, e.g., VS box plot from ADaM test data, vs. LB box plot from SDTM data

Testing SAS code - intro to framework for ~70% of tests



  • point
  • subpoint