WG5 P02 Agenda 2015-08-18

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Sprint 5 catch-up

  • Tues Aug 18th, 2015
  • 11:00am EST, 17:00 CET
  • 1 hour

Attendees: Peter, Dante, Rebeka, Gustav, Jeno


Progress reports

  • Project 03 update
  • Structure of github
  • (? demo of working with github desktop?)
  1. login (github account)
  2. download/install desktop
  3. sync phuse project: push, sync basics
  • Github structure to be implemented later (this should not prevent our progress)

  • R and SAS code can match, but a few details to clarify:
  • substitute for analysis flags when analysing SDTM data?
  • defining analysis pops and purpose?
  • or focus specifically on scripts for analysing ADaM data? (What are our objectives?)

  • Output Specifications

Testing SAS code - intro to framework for ~70% of tests


Progress & discussion

  • P03 re-structuring could cause problems for people working on components in local repositories
  • Gustav plans to attend next P03 meeting, and will raise this topic
  • our request is the P03 communicate their plans & schedule in advance
  • so we can coordinate our active development around these changes.
  • It would also be good for P03 to confirm whether github will preserve change-history of components that move (or is each move in fact a "delete" and "introduce new", which would lose change history)

  • Dante will pursue this with the Communications members of the working group
  • All agreed on key benefits, esp. for SAS -- an obscure approach like PROC SHEWHART has several limitations:
  • SAS is focused on extending visualization capabilities in other areas, like SGPlot and GTL
  • We maximize future potential by finding a robust solution through these techniques
  • We also maximize adoption by providing a technique that people want to learn and use.
  • Since most Central Tendency data displays are box plots, we need to get the approach right in the code for the first target, Fig. 7.1.

  • Peter & Rebeka to peruse the Central Tendency white paper, to identify details for the specification
  • Idea is to create an "annotated white paper" that we can use to finalize specs, development scripts, and to support qualification and review

  • Jeno & Dante to coordinate an R/SAS script approach
  • what scenarios should we focus on for qualification / publication?
  • e.g., One R & One SAS script for each white paper target?
  • SDTM or ADaM test data?
  • What about variations of scripts, e.g., VS box plot from ADaM test data, vs. LB box plot from SDTM data