WG5 P02 Agenda 2015-07-07

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Sprint 3 catch-up

  • Tues July 7th, 2015
  • 11:00am EST, 17:00 CET
  • 1 hour


Sprint 3 report

  • Peter - Trello subteam review of Process Template
  • New information in WG5 Project 02 wiki page: Ways to Contribute, FAQ - trying to make it easy to contribute!
  • Script progress - Anyone to report progressing SAS or R scripts?
  • "Companion" document with language-independent script specifications (user options, script behavior)?
    • one YML for each target, linking to sections of
    • White Paper companion document

  • (postponed - Dante unavailable) Test subteam - Summary of SAS test framework, ideas & activities

Sprint 4 planning

  • Who has time in June?
  • What is your interest?
  • If we should log it in Trello, do you need support?
  • Other support needed?