WG5 P02 Agenda 2015-06-16

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Sprint 2 catch-up

  • Tues June 16th, 2015
  • 11:00am EST, 17:00 CET
  • 1 hour


NB: 2nd section, below, requires prep by attendees.

Sprint 2 report

  • Trello subteam report on activities, progress, decisions from last few weeks
  • Script subteam report on activities, progress, decisions from last few weeks
    • include some comments from liaising with Project 03, Github Repository (folder structure update)

Listen to the team REQUIRES SOME PREP by attendees.

  • Let's listen to those that join.
  • Please prepare a few comments about what motivates you to join:
    • Do you already have in mind what you would like to contribute?
    • Do you have time to contribute, or mainly able to stay informed at this time?
    • Are you missing some information that would make it easier for you (or a colleague you know?) to contribute?
  • Here are ideas for ways to contribute. Not complete, so any input that can help to better shape our project is very much welcome:
    • Review project scripts, and there are a few types of code so far:
  1. scriptathon 2014 code, both SAS and R - idea is to use good ideas for our "Central Tendancy" SAS and R packages.
  2. template code, to deliver a Central Tendency target - idea is to assess whether this can work for end-users, and otherwise suggest improvements
  3. test code, to define, execute and report results of code to - idea is same as with template code
    • Test & Qualify project scripts (either in the style proposed, or a style you propose and demonstrate)
    • Write scripts for remaining targets (and, yes, basically all targets are still "remaining" at this time)
    • Review YML metadata files, and we are proposing 2 types of these
  1. YML for scripts (SAS and R) that describe the script, its purpose and its state
  2. YML for targets, intended as the specifications for the target output created by the SAS and R scripts
    • Other ideas (infrastructure, test automation, etc.)

Review of programming approach (since only briefly begun last time)

Sprint 3 planning

  • Who has time in June?
  • What is your interest?
  • If we should log it in Trello, do you need support?
  • Other support needed?


Discussion around barriers to participation/contribution that people are experiencing

  • tech that does not support our tools - E.g., Company web browser does not support modern web apps, such as Trello
  • policies that do not support our tools - E.g., Company blocks SAS from accessing our test data on Github, therefore cannot test code
  • Action: Provide list of work-arounds, and advice from contributors (Trello card created, assigned)
  • Action: Additional Trello cards created to make contribution easier, add transparency to project (Add sections "Why this matters", and "Ways to contribute" to main project page; Trello cards created, assigned)

Discussion around keys to success

  • Team members emphasize the importance of Qualification, and linking Code & Reliability to the white papers and targets.
  • Action: See above, add "Why this matters" to main Project 02 wiki, to emphasize that the repository succeeds and therefore the white papers, if we can deliver scripts that are actually used. Qualification infrastructure, and then publishing convincing materials are 2 distinct sides to this key to success.

Sprint 3

  • Dante, Rebeka, Yingshan and Jeno to discuss SAS test framework. Objective to establish testing framework for SAS.
  • Peter to exercise the newly created "Process Template" in Trello vis-a-vis usability, suitability