WG5 P02 Agenda 2015-05-05

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Kick-off teleconference

  • Tues May 5th, 2015
  • 11:00am EST
  • 1 hour




Project structure

  • R - we need a champion
  • SAS - outline of approach
  • Sprint 1
    • Figure 7.1 as example of picking up tasks (Trello example)
    • Figure 7.2 as example of brand-new template (Trello example)
    • Test data (link to Scriptathon data)
    • Qualifying work completed so far
      • specifications
      • template program
      • utilities
      • refine qualification & documentation process
      • create separate checklists for template vs. utility code
  • Also in scope for WPCT release package ... ?
    • changes to P03 Repository interface?
    • awareness materials: slides, videos, ... ?
    • crowd-sourcing programming approaches, e.g., via phuse forum ...?


Attendees: Peter & Dante, Anders V, Gustav B, Jeno P, Mercy N, Rebeka T, Peter G, Shubha M, Suzie P, Yingshan Y

Topics covered from today's agenda:

  • Overview of 2015 WPCT package.
  • Team discussed the package proposal, Peter S offered some motivation of this approach:
    • Clinical development industry has been reluctant to share and re-use shared code, more so that other sectors
    • We aim to remove/reduce barrier
    • Delivering a focused package based on the Central Tendencies package is a good starting point


  • Tues, 5pm CET is OK.
  • Wed, 4pm CET is also OK (post-TC note: will conflict with 4-weekly Standard Scripts co-leads meetings)
    • Action Dante to set up invitations for 3-weekly global TCs starting Tues, May 26


  • Peter S introduced TRELLO as our backlog manager, sprint planner
  • Team were receptive, we'll give it a try


  • Peter briefly introduced the Qualification Process drafted on WG5 Project 02 page


  • All team members get familiar with project infrastructure and processes
    • Review GitHub structure, and Git e-book linked in agenda, above
    • Qualification Process drafted on WG5 Project 02 page
  • Peter S to work with Yingshan & Jeno & Gustav & Mercy to
    • assess the Qualification Process for our purposes
    • update for feasibility and appropriateness

Topics not covered, proposal for next 3 weeks

  • Review of programming approach
    • based on SAS programming guidelines, template + utility approach for 1st WPCT display, Figure 7.1