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Meeting Record

When: 09:00 am - 10:00 am, 27Feb2013
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Hanming Tu
Scribe: Mary Nilson
Attendance: Sally, Mat, Mary, Kevin, Steve
Excused: Dirk

  1. Review slides (including people to be recognized)
  2. Review action items from the Steer Committee
  3. Discuss wiki page updates for each project
  4. Review March meeting agenda


General discussion

  • We reviewed the action items of the week from the Steering Committee. We are in good shape!
  • We reviewed and updated the slides for March meeting
  • We discussed a little bit about open source license issue
  • We do need to track which project leads will be attending. Dirk will be unable to attend.

Follow up

Action Items
  • Sally will send a slide about people to be recognized to Hanming
  • Mary will send updated slides to Hanming
  • Mat will send the slide describing to Hanming
  • Hanming will all the slides together and send out for review
  • Hanming will send the final slides to Jeff and Chris before March 11
  • Hanming will send out the meeting invitation to all the project leads
  • Kevin will look into open source legal issues
  • We all need to work on the slides for the breakout meetings (see agenda at WG5_22Jan2013)
  • All the project leads need to update their project description before March 12 (http://www.phusewiki.org/wiki/index.php?title=Standard_Scripts#Current_Projects)
Action Items from last meeting
  • All project leads make sure their project's wiki page is up-to-date (since people will start to be looking at these to decide whether to attend the conference)
  • Everyone continue to spread the word about the conference
  • Kevin set-up meeting with all of WG5 for next week Wed 9-10. We will briefly go over what has been accomplished since the last conference, show them the new wiki structure, and answer any questions. The intent is to help people decide whether to attend the conference if they are undecided.
  • Mary set-up meeting for the following week with the co-lead/project-lead group. We will go over the proposed slides for Day 1. Mary will take Hanming's slides and add her content, and use the template provided by the Steering Committee.
  • Mary will hopefully have Draft 3 of the white paper completed by the end of this week. Once completed, everyone help spread the word that it's ready for review. (Dirk/Dan help with "official" notices.)
  • Kevin will be working on getting content in the repository. He will be looking at CTSpedia. Mary will ask her colleague about adding content. Others can think about this.
  • Mary will ask Scott if he can find out if we will be getting a list of attendees who plan to participate in our Working Group.
  • Mary will ask Scott if he can act as project manager while Hanming is out. (The need for this will depend on how long Hanming will be out. Perhaps we will know more soon.) This will include getting back to Steering Committee on action items (e.g. confirmation on which project leads will be attending). This may also include getting the "Create Minutes" button on our wiki.
Next Meeting

Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am 13Mar2013 (Wednesday)

  • Review March meeting agenda
  • Review project description

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