WG5 22FEB2012

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When: 08:00am (EST) , 22Feb2012
Facilitator: Scott Getzin
Scribe: Sally Cassells


Who's here?

Hamming Tu Kevin Kane Mark Walderhaug Sally Cassells Scott Getzin


Reviewed Charter and began planning for March F2F meeting

General discussion

Charter Review: There is general agreement but there are two concerns with the current language: 1) The term Scripts tends to be interpreted narrowly. The idea is broader than programs in a specific language. 2) Goal 4 specifically talks about 'analysis of clinical trials safety data'. Again the scope of WG5 should not generally be restricted to clinical trials data. As other types of data, such as post marketing surveillance data, become more standardized, 'scripts' to work with this data should also be considered in scope.

There is general agreement that the charter is sufficiently developed that it can be shared with the full WG5 team.

WG5 Team Scott shared that there are 45 individuals who have volunteered to be part of WG5.

We need to schedule a pre-conference TC during which the leadership team can present 1) the framework and goals for the WG concept in general 2) the charter for WG5 3) the plan for the F2F meetings

Discussion of the possible topics for WG5 Subteams: 1) Works on developing and prioritizing lists of analysis scripts to be developed 2) Works on process for developing, validating and documenting scripts 3) Works on technology platform to support script development, testing and documentation.

Follow up

Check with full WG5 leadership team for availability for a call on 2/29 (8am) for more F2F meeting planning. Need to set a date for a pre-conference TC with the full WG.

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