WG2 30JAN2012

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When: hh:mm , 30JAN2012
Place: TC
Facilitator: Michael
Attendance: Paul; Bhanu; Patricia; Carol Ann; David; Jonathan


Who's here?

General discussion


Thanks for joining us today

I am attaching a copy of the dataset (File:Working Group 2 Variables and Format (2).pdf) that was presented today.

The following are the three questions raised by Paul as potential topics:

1) Helps facilitate implementation of risk-based monitoring plan (building quality into your process--if you know the risk-attributes up-front, you can attempt to mitigate these specific issues at the outset)

2) Making FDA's risk attributes for CI sites more transparent

3) Expediting the FDA site inspection (i.e.-drafting inspection assignment; on-site inspection)

Some points raised in today’s discussion (please edit/amend)

1. Can we have greater visibility into the analysis tool?

2. How will a clear definition of the dataset impact the way sponsors prepare for site audit.

3. What are some of the current practices/analyses conducted internally by sponsors ?

4. What is the impact on internal process for creating the requested dataset on the overall process of preparing and NDA/BLA?

Next steps

Please share potential topics areas with Paul/team by 3 Feb (core team)

Develop an outline agenda for the Meeting (Paul?)

Schedule discussion of agenda – week of 6 Feb.(M Brennan)

Extend the invitation to the prep work to others that have registered for the meeting.(M Brennan)

Please add any additional notes comments from today’s meeting



Follow up

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