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Welcome to the CSS/PhUSE Standard Analyses. Our repository hosts standard scripts for data transformations and analyses across and within a therapeutic area, as well as for exploratory analyses. Our goal is to standardize analyses and code across the industry, and to provide other examples of how our industry can build upon standardized data set. We aim to establish this repository as the place to collaborate and share between industry and regulators.

How to get involved

Repository Maintainer
Hanming Tu and Kevin Kane : contact on
Current members
Steps to join
  1. Join the Free PhUSE mailing list to receive updates
  2. Sign up for the PhUSE working group mailings
    1. Go to
    2. Join this group: "CSS WG5: Developing Standard Scripts" (
  3. Sign up to be a contributor or committer in the script repository (GitHub account required)
    1. Send an email to one of the repository maintainers to request to join the PhUSE repository
    2. Go to repository at and start interacting

Adding a script

There are two methods to add a script:

  1. using browser or
  2. using a git client such as the GitHubs client.

Repository structure is a work-in-progress, with the proposed structure published in the repository.

Users should add documentation when adding a script. We have templates for:

We have naming conventions:

Please use these documents for new scripts, and adhere to naming conventions.

Last revised by DanteDT,01/7/2016