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Troy Smyrnios is the Information Architect for R&D at Zoetis since 2013 (previously, with MPI Research) and has been involved with SEND since 2006 and the PhUSE Nonclinical Working Group since its inception.

Team Membership:

  • SEND
    • SEND Leadership Team (SLT) - Member
    • SEND Core Team - Member since instantiation
    • (CDISC) Global Governance Group (GGG), formerly SDTM Governance Committee (SGC) - Member since instantiation
  • PhUSE
    • SEND Implementation User Group (subgroup of the PhUSE Nonclinical Working Group) - Leads group and is key author of the SEND Implementation Wiki, a resource for SEND implementers - Member since instantiation
    • PhUSE Nonclinical Working Group Core Team - Member since instantiation

Previous teams:

  • SEND: Controlled Terminology
  • SEND: Repro
  • PhUSE: I-SEND (Interorganizational SEND)