Use of Data Visualization for Data Anomaly Detection

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Project Overview

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Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail

Project Participants

Name Role Organization E-mail
Adam Baumgart Participant Astrazeneca
Benjamin Devriendt Participant Business and Decision Life Sciences
Bhaskar Dutta Participant AstraZeneca
Dawn Kaminski Participant eclinical solutions
Dragomir Ivanov Draganov Participant Principal Scientist
Eric Herbel Participant I-Review
Hari J Vardhan Participant Chiltern
Jörg Sahlmann Participant Iomedico
Mike Rubison Participant Capish
Paul Schuette Participant FDA
Sabine Jonas Participant Business and Decision Life Sciences
Stella Munuo Participant Biometrics Technology Leader
Siddartha Kondapally Participant Vita Data Sciences

Project Updates

Objectives and Timelines

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Objective Timeline
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Objective 2 Timeline 2
Objective 3 Timeline 3

Project Activities

Speaker Presentation - 6 August, Richard Zink 'Using Statistics and Data Visualisation to Improve Data Quality'
Speaker Presentation- 28 August Marc Buyse 'Role of Biostatistics in Fraud Detection'
Speaker Presentation - 16 October, Ingeborg Holt and Eric Herbel 'Visualisation Subject Level Data in Clinical Trial Data'
Speaker Presentation - 23 October, Pandora Kodrou 'Data Quality Oversight'
Speaker Presentation - 13 November, Becca Krouse and Jeremy Wildfire safetyexploreR
Speaker Presentation - 27 November, Eric Herbel 'RBM/ Centralized statistical monitoring'

Meeting Minutes

Activity Link to Materials
July 14th July 14, 2017 Minutes
July 28th July 28, 2017 Minutes
September 8th September 8, 2017 Minutes
January 24th January 24, 2018 Minutes
April 4th April 4th, 2018 Minutes
May 2nd May 2nd, 2018 Minutes
May 5th May 5th, 2018 Minutes
July 11th July 11th, 2018 Minutes

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