Use of Data Visualisation for Subject Level Data Review

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Project Overview

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Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Ingeborg Holt Project Lead IBM
Eric Herbel Project Lead I-Review

Project Participants

Name Role Organization E-mail
Ashish Kumar Participant Alkermes
Barbara Ramambason Participant Phastar
Benjamin Devriendt Participant Business and Decision Life Sciences
Bharath Sunkavalli Participant InventivHealth
Eric Herbel Participant I-Review
Gaoyang Li Participant Bayer
Jinesh Shah Participant GeorgeTown
Kishore Pothuri Participant Vita Data Sciences
Mike Rubison Participant Capish
Munish Mehra Participant Tigermed
Suzanne Tautz Participant AstraZeneca
Siddartha Kondapally Participant Vita Data Sciences

Project Updates

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Objectives and Timelines

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Objective Timeline
Objective 1 Timeline 1
Objective 2 Timeline 2
Objective 3 Timeline 3

Project Activities

Visualising Subject Level Data in Clinical Trial Data

Meeting Minutes

Activity Link to Materials
July 5th July 5, 2017 Minutes
August 10th Meeting August 10, 2017 Minutes
August 24th Meeting August 24, 2017 Minutes
September 12th Meeting September 12, 2017 Minutes
November 9th Meeting November 9, 2017 Minutes
November 14th Meeting November 14, 2017 Minutes
December 7th Meeting December 7, 2017 Minutes
January 4th Meeting January 4, 2018 Minutes
January 8th Meeting January 8, 2018 Minutes
January 18th Meeting January 18, 2018 Minutes
January 25th Meeting January 25, 2018 Minutes
February 1st Meeting February 1, 2018 Minutes
March 15th Meeting March 15, 2018 Minutes
April 5th Meeting April 5th, 2018 Minutes
May 17th Meeting May 17th, 2018 Minutes
June 21st Meeting June 21st, 2018 Minutes
August 7th Meeting August 7th, 2018 Minutes
September 4th Meeting September 4th, 2018 Minutes

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