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This wiki is available to document the progress of the PhUSE project "Therapeutic Areas". The wiki enables quick,easy and transparent online collaboration of the different project teams. Each indication has a main page (each listed below). This is the starting page for all project team activity. Project teams should add pages and topics as necessary. Ideally, all collaboration would take place through the wiki, and email will be limited.

If you are new to wikis you might want to check out the help section.

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PhUSE Indication Project Teams

Alzheimer's Disease Scientific Working Group

Cardio Vascular Disease


Multiple Sclerosis


Parkinson's Disease



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Project Goals

The goal of this project is

To increase the awareness of therapeutical area specific knowledge relevant for Statistical Programmers, Statisticians and Data Managers


The project has the following objectives

  1. to prepare Wikis with comprehensive indication specific information related to
    1. Description of Disease
    2. Agency Guidelines applicable for the corresponding Disease or Indication
    3. Clinical Trial Endpoints
    4. Clinical Trial Designs
    5. Data Collection
    6. Data Challenges
    7. SDTM Data
    8. ADaM Data
    9. Statistical Analysis
  2. to review and maintain information provided on indication specific Wikis
  3. to facilitate a Discussion Club/Workshop at the annual PhUSE conference in 2013

Working Group Meetings

The working group on Therapeutic Areas meets regular to discuss the status and progress of the single therapeutic areas.

You can find the minutes here:

TA Project Team: Meeting Minutes 2013-02-14.

TA Project Team: Meeting Minutes 2013-04-25.

Meeting Meeting_2013-5-30

PhUSE Wiki TC 02092013: PhUSE_Wiki_TC_02092013

TC 30092013: PhUSE_Wiki_TC_30092013

TA Project Team: Slides Kick-off Meeting Media:PhUSE 2013-TA workshops-draft.pdf

The information contained in this Indication specific Wiki is based on research of personal PhUSE Wiki authors.

PhUSE Wiki authors may or may not be experts in the field of the specific disease.

Neither nor the PhUSE guarantee for the correctness of the displayed information.

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