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Kick off meeting for TA specific Wiki pages -- Mueller.chhr 11:29, 13 February 2013 (CST)

Sign up for Contributors by sections:

Indication: RA

Proposed Section Contributors Reviewer - tbd ata a later imepoint
1 Introduction Tim Barnett names
2 Disease Description Tim Barnett names
3 Agency Guidelines names names
4 Clinical Trial Endpoints Oliver Wirtz / Tim Barnett Dean Shults
5 Clinical Trial Design Oliver Wirtz names
6 Data Challenges Irmgard Oliver Wirtz/Dean Shults
7 Data collection Oliver Wirtz/Irmgard names
8 SDTM Data Oliver Wirtz names
9 ADaM Data Oliver Wirtz Dean Shults
10 Statistical Analysis Tim Barnett names
11 References names names
12 Project Team names names

Re: Indication: RA -- Mueller.chhr 11:36, 13 February 2013 (CST)

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Indication: ONCOLOGY

Proposed Section Contributors Reviewer - tbd ata a later imepoint
1 Introduction Angelo Tinazzi / Brent Burger / Hinal Patel
2 Disease Description Angelo Tinazzi / Stephen Harrison Brent Burger
3 Agency Guidelines Elke Klein / Brent Burger / Hinal Patel Angelo Tinazzi
4 Clinical Trial Endpoints Angelo Tinazzi / Brent Burger / Hinal Patel Stephen Harrison / Mike Ball
5 Clinical Trial Design Brent Burger Angelo Tinazzi / Mike Ball
6 Data Challenges Angelo Tinazzi Stephen Harrison
7 Data collection Angelo Tinazzi Elke Klein
8 SDTM Data Angelo Tinazzi / Stephen Harrison / Hinal Patel Mike Ball / Elke Klein
9 ADaM Data Angelo Tinazzi / Brent Burger Stephen Harrison / Elke Klein
10 Statistical Analysis Elke Klein / Brent Burger Angelo Tinazzi
11 References Angelo Tinazzi / Brent Burger
12 Project Team Brent Burger / Angelo Tinazzi

Ground rules for collaborating -- Mueller.chhr 09:14, 5 May 2013 (CDT)

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