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Topics proposed for workshop sessions

Reumathoid Arthritis


Angelo Tinazzi proposal
If I have to choose oncology topic to discuss I would give the following priority:

  1. Identify tumor type specific characteristics form the data and analysis point of view e.g. what make different colorectal from lung cancer in the way data are managed and analysed (if differences exist)
  2. key requirements for submission. Again if possible identifying differences in the requirements from an indication to another


Angelo Tinazzi proposal
As discussed if one of the aim is to share the experience we had so far and gathering opinions/suggestions from phuse members I think we should ask people:

  • feedback on the strucure, sections, items, etc
  • whether or not details are suffucient. Eg link to external pages and/or elaborate/summarize in the wiki page?

Then one crucial point is the maintenance of the wiki. Like any other information published on the internet, we should maintain it, update it. This may be an issue if this initiative will always count on volunteers