TA Project Team: Meeting Minutes 2013-02-14

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When: 01:00pm-2:00pm (CET) , Thursday February 14th
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Christian Müller (CM)
Attendance: Sascha Ahrweiler (SA), Irmgard Hollweck (IH), Oliver Wirtz (OW), James Gallagher (JG) Pierre Mayeur (PM), Elke Klein (EK), Michael Ball (MB), Steve Harrison (SH), Matthew Travell (MT), Angelo Tinazzi (AT), Dean Shults (DS), Juergen Lembke (JL)
Excused: Paul Frost (PF), Brent Burger (BB), Tim Barnett (TB), Emmanuel Quineuaux (EQ), Martin Probach (MB)


This TC took place as a kick-off for the project team who will collaborate on the Therapeutic Area workshops for PhUSE Brussels and beyond.

  • CM introduced all the team members
  • CM introduced the project objectives
    • collaborate through the PhUSE Wiki to comprehend all available information about various TAs
    • start with TAs Oncology and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • discuss within the group of SMEs about further standardization,
    • deliver a workshop at the annual PhUSE conference in Brussels
  • SA presented PhUSE 2013-TA workshops-draft to introduce and explain the objectives
  • CM gave a short Wiki introduction. Members to put their names on the TA discussion page.

General discussion

  • Can volunteers work on more than one TA? Yes, this would be great.
  • The term "Indication" is not well defined. Consider to rename the Wiki to "Therapeutic Area". (Note SA: This is done.)
  • No generic mail address is needed for working group members. Mail addresses will be sent to all group members.
  • A basic Wiki training can be found here. SA is happy to give a more detailed introduction if needed.
  • Communication will mainly be Wiki based.

Action Items

  • If not already done, each member to create a Wiki accounts
  • Put your name in at least one of the available tasks on the TA Discussion page List of contributions
  • SA to create a subsection on the TA main page to store minutes and slides
  • CM mail list of working group members to all members
  • Members can and are encouraged to start providing information as soon as they have their account that allows to do so.

Follow up

  • SA created subsection and put minutes and slides on wiki
  • CM to schedule a next meeting mid to end March

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