Statistics Ontologies for representing Analysis Results Model

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This page presents a summary of the ontologies identified and to a varying extend discussed in the Analysis Results Model subgroup. Please note: the links below may not be the most current, or the best for the ontologies. Please feel free to update and add, eg. more information, better examples.

Name Ontology OWL link Example
OBI T-test:
standard analytics (not available?) Exa
SWEET / Statistics T-test:
OBCS T-test:
MAMO dependent variable:
SIO Dependent variable:

Vocabularies for the RDF Data Cube

The list of vocabularies is incomplete and subject to modification as our cube model matures. Notable exceptions at this early stage are SKOS, SCOVO, VOID and others.

Prefix URI Use in current model
qb Cube specification
rdfs Labels, comments
xsd Data types
dcat Distribution information
dct Creator, issued date, title, description..
prov Provenance