Statistical Computing Environments

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Project Title

Statistical Computing Environments

Project Team Members

Project Lead: Art Collins

Project Co-leads: Stephen Matteson, Olivier Leconte, Mark Matthews

Affected Stakeholder

Could include statisticians, clinical reviewers, nonclinical reviewers, software developers, SDO, etc.

Project Meeting Frequency

Definition(s) of Problem/Issue/Challenge

Many companies use a SCE to assist in the execution, management and reporting of statistical programming activities. There are several commercial products that provide this functionality but many companies develop their own systems and processes. This team will explore the expectations for a SCE and how it relates to Metadata Data Repositories (MDRs) and Clinical Data Repositories (CDRs), The team will be develop high-level functional and non-functional requirements that organizations can use to make an informed decision about whether to adopt or build such a system.

Potential Technological Solution(s)

Other Initiatives that can be leveraged/merged

Recommended Solution(s)

Specific Actions

Deliverables and Dates:

Deliverable Date (ddMONyyyy)
Something Great 14MAR2013
Example Example
Example Example
Example Example

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