Statistical Computing Environments

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Project Title

Statistical Computing Environments (SCEs)

Project Team Members

Project Lead: Art Collins

Project Co-leads: Stephen Matteson, Olivier Leconte, Mark Matthews

Affected Stakeholder

Could include statisticians, clinical reviewers, nonclinical reviewers, software developers, SDO, etc.

Project Meeting Frequency

Definition(s) of Problem/Issue/Challenge

This project came about because of a common set of challenges facing organizations across the industry around Statistical Computing Environments (SCEs). The group has four objectives:

  1. Discuss the current state of SCEs, identify common gaps and share best practices
  2. Define ideal case user requirements for an SCE
  3. Clarify expectations for an SCE within industry and regulatory agencies regarding implementation and compliance
  4. Explore SCE relationship to the Metadata Repository (MDR) and the Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

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Recommended Solution(s)

Specific Actions

Deliverables and Dates:

Deliverable Date (ddMONyyyy)
Something Great 14MAR2013
Example Example
Example Example
Example Example

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