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| Art Collins || Lead || Biogen || [mailto:arthur.collins@biogen.com arthur.collins@biogen.com]
| Art Collins || Lead || Biogen || [mailto:arthur.collins@biogen.com arthur.collins@biogen.com]
| Mark Matthews || Co-lead || GCE Solutions || [mailto:mark.matthews@gcesolutions.com mark.matthews@gcesolutions.com]
| Stephen Matteson || Co-lead || Pfizer || [mailto:stephen.p.matteson@pfizer.com stephen.p.matteson@pfizer.com]
| Stephen Matteson || Co-lead || Pfizer || [mailto:stephen.p.matteson@pfizer.com stephen.p.matteson@pfizer.com]

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Project Title

Statistical Computing Environments (SCEs)

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Art Collins Lead Biogen arthur.collins@biogen.com
Stephen Matteson Co-lead Pfizer stephen.p.matteson@pfizer.com
Nigel Montgomery Co-lead Novartis nigel.montgomery@novartis.com

Affected Stakeholders

Could include statisticians, clinical reviewers, nonclinical reviewers, software developers, SDO, etc.

Definition(s) of Problem/Issue/Challenge

This project came about because of a common set of challenges facing organizations across the industry around Statistical Computing Environments (SCEs). The group has four objectives:

  1. Discuss the current state of SCEs, identify common gaps and share best practices
  2. Define ideal case user requirements for an SCE
  3. Clarify expectations for an SCE within industry and regulatory agencies regarding implementation and compliance
  4. Explore SCE relationship to the Metadata Repository (MDR) and the Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Deliverables and Dates:

Deliverable Date
Follow-up meeting 29 April, 2015
Round-table discussion at PharmaSUG May, 2015
Third meeting July, 2015
Conduct survey based on common SCE elements identified by the team September, 2015
Discussion club/round-table discussion at PhUSE Annual Conference October, 2015
Publish draft white paper for open comment/review on the State of the SCE January, 2016
Begin working on white paper defining user requirements for optimal SCE March, 2016

SCE Survey

The survey has closed, thank you to the 70 respondents.

State of the SCE White Paper

All information collected has been summarized for our first white paper entitled 'The State of the SCE' which is available for public review unitl March 4, 2016.
Comments can be marked in MS Word and emailed to Arthur Collins or entered in to the discussion section of this page.

Recommended Reading

Regulatory Guidance:

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FDA, Guidance for Industry - Computerized Systems Used in Clinical Investigations, May 2007


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