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Working Group Overview

This working group will identify potential standard scripts for data transformations and analyses across and/or within a therapeutic area and exploratory analysis. The goal will be to begin the process of standardizing analyses across the industry, but also include examples of what can be done with a standardized data set. This will be an interactive session using online wiki to create and add input that can be shared openly between industry and regulatory.

Leadership Team

Name Role Organization E-mail
Mary Nilsson Industry Co-lead Lilly
Hanming Tu Project Manager Accenture
Steve Wilson FDA Co-Lead FDA
Mat Soukup FDA Co-Lead FDA
Scott Getzin Steering Committee Liaison Lilly>

Current Projects

  1. WG5 Project 01: Look for existing scripts and store them in the repository (Kevin Kane)
  2. WG5 Project 02: Define validation steps for scripts in the repository (Lina Jørgensen)
  3. WG5 Project 03: Establish platform (repository) for sharing scripts (Hanming Tu)
  4. WG5 Project 04: Legal ownership and issues in open source repository (Kevin Kane/Sally Cassells)
  5. WG5 Project 05: Create templates for documenting scripts and coding practices (Jean-Marc Ferran)
  6. WG5 Project 06: Process for creating and editing scripts in Google Code (Kevin Kane)
  7. WG5 Project 07: Develop communication plan for standard scripts (Dirk Spruck)
  8. WG5 Project 08: Create white papers providing recommended display and analysis including Table, List and Figure shells (Mary Nilsson)


Google Code has been chosen for our repository.

The first Call for Scripts has been issued and a press release issued.

The 3rd Draft of the Central Tendency White Paper has been posted. Please review by 14 March 2013.

Group Meetings

Year 2013


Notes from Q&A session with project leads: File:20Feb2013.docx

Legacy Projects/Information

Development_of_Standard_Scripts_for_Analysis_and_Programming - This contains the legacy working group information.