Something Big - June Meeting

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When: 11:00 EST, 26June2017
Place: Webinar
Facilitator: Wendy Dobson/Jared Slain
Scribe: Jared Slain
Attendance: Jared Slain, Wendy Dobson, Mary Nilsson, Mat Soukup, Ian Fleming, Mike King
Absent: Brenda Crowe, Hanming Tu, Steve Wilson (on extended leave)
Agenda: Something big for Analysis and Display White Papers

Review minutes from last meeting

  1. "PhUSETube" channel on YouTube
  2. Education becoming increasingly important at FDA

North Chicago SDE – July 13

  1. Karolyn Kracht will be presenting on the Adverse Event Whitepaper
  2. Nice to have "Study-size adjusted percentages" video online for Karolyn to reference
  3. Brenda to record; Mike to help with video editing
  4. Adobe Premier Pro accepts almost any video file and uploads directly to YouTube
  5. Jared also presenting at SDE on GitHub repository and will sneak in a plug for the video

Coordination with Educating for the Future project

  1. Project within Emerging Trends and Technologies working group
  2. Ian is project lead, and Wendy is coordinator
  3. Focus is on "what needs to be learned" not "how to learn it"
  4. Some overlap with the education aspect of our project

Whitepapers to focus initial education efforts on

  1. Treatment Emergent Adverse Events (Webinar in Fall 2017)
  2. Labs & Vitals (Timing of a webinar TBD)

Individual Action Items

  1. Brenda – Record "Study-size adjusted percentages" video (Skype) and transmit to Mike
  2. Mike – Touchup Video as necessary and upload to PhUSETube
  3. Wendy – Send survey to find common time for recurring monthly meetings; provide coordination between Educating for the Future and this project
  4. Jared/Wendy – Continue to develop library of presentation materials (draft due next meeting)

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