September 8, 2017 Minutes

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  • Individually review references and then collaborate thoughts
  • Hard to bring different levels of information together and be a consist presentation
  • SAS Jump clinical did a presentation and similar topics came up
  • Listing references would be helpful to review for the wider team
  • SAS jump clinical book to read


  • Colleagues working on one of the approaches to try to make sense of the various tests to give it a single score using likelihood ratio test methods
  • One problem is that all the tests may be highly correlated which Arcada are working on.
  • One of the problems goes back to how to you combine all the P values as random variables and what would be the anticipated distribution of the P values
  • Conformation of a signal rather than a signal itself


  • Heather to send discussion document from the last meeting to be posted on TW
  • Paul- To reach out to Mark and Richard to help getting the slides from the session from last year
  • Paul - To distribute slides to the group on Teamwork
  • Heather to work with Lauren and Wendy to help circulate information before the next meeting to see if anyone has any topics and can review
  • LW-WD to reach out via list box (call out for volunteers) once heather has put project information together
  • Eric - To post reference to the publications (book by Zinc) marketing book for SAS jump clinical
  • LW-WD- To share document Unsupervised anomaly detection from Heather on TW

Durham single day event, Heather is on the Agenda and is going to talk about this topic in the hope to add members to the team. Try and propose business problem and how can we compile the work streams