September 5th 2017 Minutes

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Attendees:Mike, Eric, Karnika, Rebeka, Wendy, Lauren, Mitch, Bharath, Ingeborg, Kevin, Jajoo, Sharon

Apologies:Zachary, Barbara, Paul

Subgroups Data review group-

Rebeka and Ingeborg have got a good outline of information of what’s available from FDA Rebeka have assigned tasks to do research on patient narratives and profiles, also looking for a FDA liaison

Data Anomaly- Next meeting Friday 22nd September ASA and DIA had a meeting-

Trying to find common topics which could be developed within the three groups and look at the specialties the three groups have Are interested in having a GitHub directory to share interests with and get updates

Using types of software within the PhUSE groups- Want to go vendor neutral in all our applications and study groups but would be considered if there was a strong reason to use a type of software Discussions

  • Kevin- Are we not going to use the free licenses??
  • Michael - Want to keep the emphasis on the functionality and the characteristics we want to have in a system and keep our recommendations relative to what they are
  • Kevin- Does everyone have access to the tools or shall we use the tools that are available from our own company?
  • Ingeborg – No plans to distribute any software
  • Sharon – Explore different tools that are available. This will help us to determine what the best tool is and what it is best used for
  • Do not yet have an agreement between the three groups on what their strengths are to see what they should take on as a new project


  • WD - To set up new meetings for Data review group Set up meeting on the 28th September
  • WD/LW -To post minutes to the Wiki