September 12, 2017 Minutes

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Attendees: Eric, Karnika, Mike, Hong

Apologies: Rebeka, Barbara, Wendy, Ingleborg


  • Mike - Looking for models for the patient profiles that could be advance or used as a model there were checks to see what other organisations would have as their standard Checked with HL7 they are incomplete and have some ideas but never finalised them. CDICS have parts they recommend for the patient narratives but they were never finalised have a working group which is inactive

  • Eric- Patient profiles and narrative are two separate things standards - Ingeborg had talked with Armando about HL7

  • Mike- Data safety monitoring board they are more likely to write those narratives due to the interpretation from a board or panel. Usually have a targeted narrative on how they got to the conclusion data safety monitoring boards are a source of information in terms of how they handled it, However the patient profile may be more standard in this case.

  • Continue to look for others in the industry that would have an advance starting point from what HL7 or CDISC have