September 11th 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Mike, Ingeborg, Gaoyang, Rink, Susan, Steve,

Apologies: Arlene, Melissa, Heather, Eric


  • Update on Sub teams- Deliverables and Timelines
  • Use of Data Visualisation Subject Level Data Review
    • Graphical Patient profile, Patient Narratives and tabular summaries
    • Looking to create a white paper document on these three topics
    • Have developed three surveys so we are working to turn the questions into a presentation to see what people would like to see within these topics
    • Ingeborg and Eric presenting at the Data Anomaly Speaker meetings on 16th October

  • Use of Data Visualisation for Data Anomaly Detection
    • Can we advertise the speaker meetings across the broader PhUSE community?

  • Best Practices for Interactive Analyses for Decision Making and Submission
    • Update from Sharon from the meeting with the FDA


  • Update the Wiki with timelines and relevant scope - LW can update this if the leads could send across the content
  • LW to work with the sub group leads to update the content on the Wiki